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28-03-07 Upcoming Events page updated.
15-06-06 Links page added.
25-05-06 The website has been completely redesigned using MS Frontpage. Tables have been used for better layout and the photo gallery has been modified. There is a new top banner and there is no longer a separate entry page (i.e. the 'click here to enter'). The folder structure has changed and redirects have been put in place.
  New photos have been uploaded.
23-11-05 The page banners and the opening image have been slightly redesigned. Updates have been made to most pages, including the addition of new photos in the Media Gallery.
02-04-05 The Media Gallery has been redesigned with new photos. Honours page has been updated.
17-09-04 A new 'Hire the Band' section has been added and the Photos page has been renamed the 'Media Gallery'. Minor revisions have been made to the Contact Us page.
04-08-04 Pipe-Major, Pipe-Sergeant and Drum-Sergeant member profiles have been added to the members page.
02-08-04 Historical pictures have been added to the history page.
16-01-04 The website can now be accessed at www.stapb.com.au
20-06-03 Old side menu applet removed and new redesigned menu added.
  Frames have been removed.
24-04-03 1000 visitors to the site!
  Bookmarking link added to the homepage.
23-04-03 Older news section implemented.
03-03-03 Photo from the 2002 Australian Championships added to the photos section.
08-01-03 Photos from the Queensland State Championships added to the photos section.
01-01-03 Site officially launched.
24-12-02 Honours page converted into table format.
24-12-02 Changes made to the homepage: image of the grant tartan and fading scroller added.
18-12-02 Additions made to the members only area. Email accounts for members have been set up and a help page is available in the members only area.
16-12-02 Website uploaded to its proper address at www.stapb.com.